Wanda Arrington Akorede
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The Story Continues.  . .
 In America, Janice gives birth to a son; this makes Olufemi choose between the women. His “Difficult Choice” is over. He chose Janice the mother of his son. Lola cannot face Femi’s abandonment of her and becomes ill. It is during this illness that she is diagnosed as being pregnant. But who is the father? 

The announcement of Lola’s pregnancy puts another damper on Janice’s happiness. They all return to Nigeria. Janice is afraid that when Lola has her child, she will have to begin their polygamous arrangement again. Olufemi discretely sees Lola. He does not want Janice to become angry and leave Nigeria again. Lola goes through changes to hide the true length of her pregnancy. She confides in her friend, Kemi that she had an affair with Alhaji. Kemi advises her to tell the truth, but Lola does not want to jeopardize her chances of winning Olufemi back. Janice and Alhaji build an unlikely friendship. Janice wants Lola out of her life and Alhaji wants Lola into his. 

When Lola gives birth early. Janice remarks to Alhaji that Lola was not due for several more months. This arouses Alhaji’s suspicion as well. But all that is put aside when Lola gives birth to twins. She proudly proclaims that Olufemi is the father. Again Janice is devastated, and to her surprise so is Alhaji. She is determined to find out what his role is in this. But for now she is faced with the prospect of having to share Femi again. 

At the christening of the twins, one of Alhaji’s wives notices the resemblance of the babies to her own children. She shares this news with her husband. He solicits Janice’s help in finding out the truth, but in the end it is Alhaji who discovers the truth. He confronts Lola and she is forced to admit that he is the father of the twins. 

Even though Lola has revealed the truth to Alhaji, she continues on with her deception to Olufemi, still deeply in love with him and afraid he will leave her. Janice finds out the truth, taking matters into her own hands goes to Lola to confront her. But to her dismay, she arrives at Lola’s house and Olufemi is there. The two women fight and finally Lola comes clean. This is the final blow for Olufemi who states that he is finished with Lola.

The Adegoke family divorces their son from Lola. She is thrown out of the house and has to find a new job to support her children and mother. It is at this new job that she meets Alhaji again. He loves her and wants to marry her. Lola agrees for the children’s sake, but she makes an arrangement with him to live separate from the other wives. 

Olufemi and Janice are then able to go on with their lives. Janice no longer has to share her husband with Lola. But she’s always living with the fear that he may take another wife