Wanda Arrington Akorede
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The Drama Continues
“Difficult Choices” is a novel that continues with the story of Olufemi, Janice and Lola. Janice falls in love with Olufemi a Nigerian who is already married. Janice wishes she had investigated his culture before getting married to Femi. Difficult Choices is the story of an unusual love triangle. 

In ”Difficult Choices” Janice has left Nigeria for America. Lola and Femi find it difficult to live together with the memory of Janice. Janice is pregnant and will soon give birth, moves in with her mother in New Orleans. Femi wants to be with his wife and is haunted by the fact that she is carrying his child. He wants to be with Janice when she gives birth. Lola is happy that she now has the opportunity to show Olufemi how much she loves him. Her mother enlists the services of Lola’s maid to plant some Juju (witchcraft) to ensure that Olufemi forgets about his other wife Janice.

 But that does not work, because Femi awakes from his slumber and decides to travel to America. Lola no intention of letting him go to America alone again, but Olufemi forbids her to travel with him. She is distraught and confides in her brother Segun, who is, now engaged to Aduke, Janice’s friend who is studying in America. Segun tells Lola she can travel to America with him when he goes to visit his fiancé. Meanwhile, Lola’s boss, Alhaji Yaro is in love with her. Alhaji is a polygamist who would do anything to make Lola his forth wife. He seizes his chance when Lola asks him for time off to go to America. He knows she is vulnerable and they have an affair. 

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