Wanda Arrington Akorede
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The Drama begins with Book One
The Other Wife
What would you do if you, being an American woman met, fell in love and married an African man; and then later when he’s moved you off to Africa, found out he is already married. Then to top it off, you find out you are carrying his child!
This is Janice Bordeaux’s story in The Other Wife. This is a very special love story that delves into the issues of polygamy from many perspectives and following primarily the decision of one American woman’s acceptance, or not, of a culture which is unbeknownst to her.

Janice’s love for her husband Olufemi, as well as his love for her and his senior wife Omolola, makes for quite a traumatic love triangle in America, but in Africa, it’s a pretty common practice among many families in the country. It is an exciting read about this very sensual, handsome husband juggling two very different beautiful women.

The Other Wife takes the reader from Chicago to Africa in ways that make you feel as though you are really there. The Other Wife describes Nigeria and its people beautifully, with dialect, African customs, food, clothing, and all the intricate colors that weave the fabric of the story.

The Other Wife is an emotional journey and you may find that you’ll spend the first part of your reading trying to figure out what you would do if put in a similar situation and the latter part wondering if Janice is going to do the same.  

The Other Wife is a fantastic tale of reality in fiction where the characters find themselves coming to terms with the culture and bending it to fit into their lives. After constant bickering and indecision from her husband’s part, Janice decides to accept defeat and return to America. The story continues with book two "Difficult Choices."